Anonymous asked:

take me to see the stars?

I want to watch the stars with all of you!

But, I’ve realized tumblr can’t continue in my life, at least how it has been. I delved pretty deep into the tumblr sea and paid homage to the tumblr gods for over a year. It was a place of solace, rest, and healing for me and I’m glad to have spent this time with all of you amazing people.

In the last week, in which I didn’t open my tumblr (crazy, right?), I spent the almost two hours a day that I was spending on tumblr working out, studying and reading.

I feel amazing, and I can’t help but think what my life will look like in five years if i continue on this path. Maybe I can re-tool my blog so that it’s not so time consuming. Maybe. :) So it’s goodbye for now, at least. 

Love you guys.



End goal

Street singer
Paris 1950s
Emile Savitry

Dolf Kruger
 Markerwaard, Venhuizen, 1982.
From Collection Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag.

Nebraska Field, 1920s